Have you become aware of alleged irregularities, violations, behaviors or practices encountered during your activity that may cause damage or prejudice to Open Data Srl ?

Send your report! Your contribution is important to continue improving.

Open Data Srl has adopted the Guidelines for reporting, Whistleblowing Guidelines , compliant with the regulatory requirements regarding Whistleblowing (Legislative Decree no. 24/2023). Staff and third parties may make written or oral reports regarding information on violations of which the reporter has become aware within the work context.

To receive reports, Open Data Srl has set up the following communication channels:

  • Registered mail with return receipt (in the manner indicated in the Whistleblowing Guidelines);
  • Direct meeting, upon request of the Reporter, to be set within a reasonable time

Open Data ensures the receipt and analysis of each report by applying criteria of maximum confidentiality suitable, among other things, to protect the reputation of the persons reported and the effectiveness of the investigations, in accordance with the legal provisions on whistleblowing. Anyone who receives a report outside the established channels will promptly transmit it via the communication channels mentioned above.