Open Data
is the right link that retail
was missing.

The history of Open Data is that of a company with solid roots and in-depth knowledge of the international market. We were born producing and selling pricing machines and rolls of self-adhesive labels all over the world which still represent an essential means in global retail. Every day we produce 5 million labels and 70,000 rolls in continuous form and of the right size for cash registers, POS and scales

Open Data

We take care of the design and industrial manufacturing of manual machines, defining their design and ergonomics together with our technicians and through continuous dialogue with customers

These tools, which we still test piece by piece and for which we guarantee assistance after purchase, have allowed us to enter large and small commercial businesses in 80 different countries around the world, where today Open Data is a point of reference for those who, in addition to a clear and precise labeling system, require the design of special setups, single-brand corners, customized purchasing paths

Having our products around the world, from the United States to the Far East, has helped us understand the strategic value and impact of bespoke design in the shopping experience

This awareness translates every day into the desire to improve. We select the best paper and excellent materials, we print with technologies that guarantee perfect color rendering. We protect our employees and the environment with the healthiness and efficiency of the workplace. We are the other side, less visible but no less precious, of Made in Italy: one more reason to rely on us.

We have seen the strategic importance of labeling and of each individual label grow over time

For this reason, we listen to our customers from eighty countries and study with them the best, tailor-made design to communicate their values ​​as well as prices. Our labels, even the simplest, are not just adhesive clippings with an informative purpose, but a manifesto of identity, the first point of contact between two worlds that were distant until a moment before, the mirror in which those who produce reflect their dedication and care we put into production, the tool that makes purchasing a rewarding experience, therefore, worth repeating.

150 employees in the 20 thousand square meters of our factories one hour from Rome

The missing link between producers and consumers. Come with us to discover it.

Our sectors


At the origins of our know-how is the worldwide production of manual machines which represent the analogue constant of retail projected into digital, which does not give up that support of unsurpassed clarity that is paper. We have been producing each specific pricing machine for the markets of 80 countries, ensuring fast delivery times and long-term assistance.


Large-scale retail trade is like a forest with thousands of paths that risk disorientating even those who pass through it every day. Our installations are highly detailed and totally customized maps and touch points to highlight single-brand corners, highlight promotions and offers, bring order to departments and shelves, suggest specific routes and special experiences.


Clarity is a quality that those who work to enter homes around the world with their products cannot ignore. Every day we produce 5 million stickers and 70,000 rolls, of the right size for cash registers, POS and scales, which become the precious tool for communicating a price, informing on legal obligations, illustrating the qualities that make a food, a product for the home or personal hygiene as for any other product category.


Knowing how to communicate means standing out, telling the uniqueness of your products through words and images. For years, we have been helping excellent companies and brands to express themselves at their best thanks to those special mediums which are the most sought after labels, where the design needs supports and printing techniques like ours, capable of rendering the colors in the best possible way, the graphics and their message.